WHO Conference to Catalogue Traditional Medicine Worldwide

Article excerpt


KOBE, Japan (AFP) A WHO-sponsored international conference opened in Japan Tuesday aiming to map the global availability of traditional medicine to make it more accessible and to raise awareness of the treatment.

Some 64 participants from about 32 nations gathered in the western Japanese city of Kobe for the three-day International Meeting on the Global Atlas of Traditional Medicine.

They hope to publish the atlas of traditional medicine next year, said Yuji Kawaguchi, director of the Kobe-based World Health Organisation (WHO) Centre for Health Development, which organised the conference.

In many areas of the world, traditional medicine is more readily available than modern medicine.

In some communities... traditional medicine is the only form of medicine that is accessible, Kawaguchi said.

The Kobe centre, which started the atlas project in 1999, hopes the twovolume reference book, which will contain 70 maps, will be used to improve healthcare systems, clinical research, training and the quality of traditional medicine around the world. …