Political Science. (Abstracts-2003 Annual Meetings)

Article excerpt

Internet Regulation of Pornography: A Public Policy Proposal. Svetlana A. Kobzar, Alma College, Department of Communication; home address: 950 Falkirk, Alma, MI 48801; svetta82@hotmail.com

Many policy makers are concerned with the harmful effects that obscene and indecent materials have on children. Over 100,000 pornographic sites are easily accessed for free, often forwarded to the Internet user automatically. With 98 percent of public schools and 95 percent of libraries in the United States connected to the Internet, the new medium offers many educational opportunities for children as well as new dangers. This research evaluates risks that the Internet creates for children, analyzes government attempts to impose regulations on the Internet, and finally offers policy solutions. The Communication Decency Act, Communication Online Protection Act, and Children's Internet Protection Act are analyzed in light of the First Amendment rights. The policy proposal suggests means for balancing the rights of adults and protection of minors.

Construction vs. Development: Regional Governance and Sustainable Transportation. Adam H. Zettel, University of Michigan-Flint, Political Science Department; home address: 8353 Beers Road, Swartz Creek, Ml 48473; Flintguy00@hormail.com

Land use concerning automobile dependency and the difficulty of implementing effective measures to cut be it on the local level has been a growing concern for much of the world community. Automobile-based planning and development over at least the past fifty years has caused serious troubles for North American cities. The problems include urban sprawl, automobile dependency, fragmentation of the city, class and racial segregation, decreases in the tax base of cities, and increase in transportation costs in the suburbs. Implementation is the next difficulty area after recognition of the auto-dependency problem. These problems have been even more effectively approached in many of the towns and cities of Europe and the United Kingdom. The present study demonstrates how Scotland has recognized the problem of automobile dependency and the measures they feel would constitute best practice in correcting the problem. This study also provides an analysis of how the metropolitan area of Glasgow, Scotland, has attempted to implement the UK and other upper tier standards of transportation sustainability in a context of regime theory. This theory demonstrates how decision making concerning sustainable development takes place concerning political structures and informal relationships existing after the dismantling of the area regional council.

The Successes of Peace- and Nation Building in Postconflict Kosovo. Shabnam Mirsaeedi Farahani, Alma College, Foreign Service, Alma, MI 48801

The postconflict era presents an opportunity to construct lasting peace and security. Kosovo, a region historically torn apart by ethnic conflict, serves as a case study to evaluate the necessary criteria for a successful peace-building mission. These missions should be separated as physical and ideological reconstrucrions. Physical reconstruction is the rebuilding of infrastructure and the supply of basic needs, while ideological reconstruction is the rebuilding of relations among different ethnic groups and the creation of internal ideals concerning governmental systems. Kosovo has been successful in creating a banking system and reducing unemployment, yet violence among the Serbs and Albanians is still prevalent and integration of the population has only occurred in few cases. Means for physical reconstruction have been generously provided by NATO and the United Nations Interim Administration, UNMIK; however, aspects of ideological reconstruction that require long-time commitments, the direct involvement o f the NATO and UNMIK personnel, and enhanced organization and cooperation among the different forces has not been accomplished.

CITES and the Ivory Trade: An Examination of African Elephant Protection Efforts. …