JOBS: Making Job Hunting Easier

Article excerpt

COVENTRY University's personnel department has recently launched a new approach to recruitment that makes life easier for both the applicant and the employer.

The University held an employment open evening earlier this year and invited visitors to sign up for a new clerical and administration database.

The aim of the database is to take the hard work out of job hunting.

Candidates complete one initial application form and suitable applicants are automatically considered for a variety of positions as and when they arise, which means applicants can sit back and wait for a call.

The open evening attracted more than 200 people to the University and visitors were able to talk to current members of staff about their roles and find out more about the University as an employer.

Staff from the University's personnel department were also on hand to talk about job opportunities and assist with the application process.

Rita Adams, assistant director (operations), said: 'The event has been an overwhelming success. We have received applications from over a third of the people who attended the open evening.'

The University recently held the first round of interviews for these candidates within the School of Engineering.

Liz Smith, school manager , said: 'This new initiative is a welcome, fresh and proactive approach to recruitment.

"Our experience indicates that it is likely to be a key recruitment tool for us in the future.

"It has already enabled us to select from a pool of skills and talent in an effective and efficient manner.'

To find out more about the database contact the Recruitment Team on 024 7688 8120 or email

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