Can the Kids Hold Adult Crowds? Teen Idols Try to Sell Grown-Up Images

Article excerpt

Byline: Mark Guarino Daily Herald Music Critic

Watching teen idols reach their drinking age can be awkward - just ask any thirtysomething woman once shouldering serious love for David Cassidy.

The two currently serving the most time on America's bedroom bulletin board circuit are Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake. Formerly co-stars of The Disney Channel's "The Mickey Mouse Club," both singers at age 22 can now be found purring, moaning and busting dance moves that would make even Goofy feel dirty.

Britney Spears tried convincing the public she was not a girl but yet not a woman two years ago and fell flat on her face (she is reportedly gearing up for another try this fall when her fourth album is due). At the Allstate Arena Tuesday, Timberlake and Aguilera, the ex-boyfriend and former rival of Spears respectively, are well aware of the risks. Joining forces on their current "Stripped and Justified" tour (which arrives at the United Center tonight), the once cherubic stars hope their re-entry as adults sustains the interest of a fickle public.

It will not be easy. Most audience members interviewed Tuesday admitted their interest in both as passing fads. …