Cool Thoughts for Hot Days. ('as We Were')

Article excerpt

When you're suffering through the hot days of summer, you can always look forward to the cool ideas of winter, as discribed in the Canada Farmers' Sun, Toronto, December 5,1893.

There is no country on the face of the globe where the advent of the cold season is more enthusiastically welcomed than in Canada. Those of us who are in the enjoyment of good health, are actively employed and derive a fair living from our industry, cannot but enjoy a change from the enervating heat of summer to the exhilarating cold of winter. The very air of these wintry days is a tonic that increases the circulation, strengthens the lungs of healthy persons and benefits the whole system. To business men the season of frost, snow and sleighing is especially welcome. It sets sluggish trade in motion at an accelerated pace, it increases the exchange of products, it encourages capital, it adds to the employment of labor. Only to the poor is the cold weather a bane, and for their sake the expense of living should be brought down to the lowest possible notch. …