Siemens Venture Develops Award-Winning Imaging Machine

Article excerpt

The Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM) recently announced that its annual ?Image of the Year? distinction has been awarded to University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Medicine researchers, including Dr. Johannes Czernin and Dr. Benhamin Halpern.

The award was given to the researchers for images acquired using a positron emission tomography/computer tomography (PET/CT) imager with 3D Lutetium Oxyorthosilicate (LSO) technology ? a system developed by CPS Innovations, a joint venture of Siemens Medical Solutions and CTI Molecular Imaging, Inc.

Dr. Henry N. Wagner, Jr., radiologist, introduced the award during the SNM?s 50th annual meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. ?This image,? declared Wagner, ?represents a significant advance in achieving high throughput in PET scanning without sacrificing quality.? Wagner noted that while-body scans traditionally take up to one and a half hours, use of technology such as the 3D LSO PET/CT scanner could decrease the duration substantially, benefiting nuclear medicine professionals by improving efficiency, and benefiting patients by decreasing the time involved in preparing for and undergoing the scan.

The award-winning images were taken from a UCLA study that compared prospectively PET image quality and lesion delectability from one-, two-, three- and four-minute PET images obtained in the same patients. Czermin, director of Nuclear Medicine and chief of Ahmanson information was not compromised with the fast PET protocols.

?LSO-PET detector technology permits fast imaging protocols, so that scan times ranging from seven to 28 minutes are feasible,? said Czernin. …