E-Business: Global Effort Needed to Beat Curse of Spam

Article excerpt

A global effort is needed to fight the curse of spam -junk email that clogs up computer systems everywhere, according to the European Commission.

It said it wanted EU states to make sure they enforce new rules against spam from October. It is also discussing action with the United States and wanted the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to play a role.

'Spam has become a serious problem for all of us, for all individuals. It is extremely annoying. It takes time to find out if you have valid emails,' said European Telecoms and Information Society Commissioner Erkki Liikanen, quoting figures showing around 48 per cent of global email traffic was spam and time wasted in clearing it out of inboxes cost firms 2.5 billion euros (pounds 1.7 billion) in productivity.

Most of the nuisance mails were selling products, including financial services, 24 per cent was pornography-related while six percent was fraud letters, such as a now well-known get-rich-quick scheme of mails purporting to be from Nigeria. …