Travel Web Portal Soars with .NET Technology

Article excerpt

Innovative features and efficient interconnectivity strategies are crucial to any travel company, especially for one that maintains offices across the globe.

For Miles and Loops International, a unique leisure-venture provider, the Internet plays a crucial role in connecting the company to its clients and staff around the world as it maintains corporate offices in London, Hong Kong, Manila, Jakarta, Buenos Aires, Mauritius and Orlando, Florida. Adding on to its broad reach, Miles and Loops provides a wide array of unique destinations and rewards its Travel Partners with the mileage they accumulate through an exciting incentive program. reflects the companys dedication to give more than what any discerning adventurer expects from a travel company. The portal accommodates the requirements of its employes and its valued Travel Partners worldwide.

Our Travel Partners, are unique travelers with special demands, said Xavier Eric Manalastas, Chief Information Officer of Miles and Loops. We strive to be responsive to our clients needs and our portal plays a vital role in our service orientation with its unique travelerfriendly features. runs on Windows 3003 and Visual Studio.Net 2003 and is deployed using Microsofts Active Server Pages (ASP).NET Framework and built in Visual Studio, SQL Server 2000, and Crystal Reports 9.

One of the reasons for choosing ASP.NET is time, Manalastas stressed. It is common knowledge that with ASP.NET we can create powerful web applications quickly and effectively. And thats precisely what we got. …