It's Your Shout!: Why Would Anyone Come to Britain for a Holiday?; Where Youngsters Set the Agenda

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A FRENCH author has claimed in a new book that Britain is just rain, greasy cafes and poncey pubs. A Year In Muswell Hill, written by a French wine critic under the nom de plume Pierre LaPoste, has been billed as a tongue-in-cheek lament for all that is wrong with Britain. RICHARD PEARCE asked pupils at Tile Hill Wood School and Language College and The Woodlands School, Coventry, if this image is justified - and what they think of the UK as a holiday destination.

ELEANOR NICKERSON, AGED 17 HOME: Eleanor lives with dad, David, an advanced driving coach, mum Elaine, and has a sister, Miranda.

EXAMS: Studying A-level Psychology, History, Sociology, Spanish AS.

AMBITIONS/CAREER CHOICE: Primary school teacher.

INTERESTS: Drama, going out with friends


WOULDN'T LIKE TO VISIT: Everywhere deserves a fair judgement.

ELEANOR'S VERDICT: The worst thing about Britain is the unpredictable weather - one minute torrential rain, clear skies the next. However, we have loads of heritage sites and there is still a vast array of countryside or modern vibrant cities. Yes, Britain does have greasy cafes and poncy pubs - what country doesn't?

SABINA LINES, AGED 17 HOME: Sabina lives with dad, Gethin, who works for a flooring company, mum Janet, an educational assistant, and has a brother, Oliver.

EXAMS: Studying A-level Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, German AS.


INTERESTS: Dancing, swimming, friends

WOULD LIKE TO VISIT: Egypt, America.


SABINA'S VERDICT: As a holiday destination, I wouldn't choose Britain, but that's probably because I live here and so take it for granted. I think most people who live here do prefer holidays abroad. However, there are many places in Britain which attract foreign tourists, such as the Lake District, London, and the Cotswolds, for tradition, culture, history and scenery.

JOHANNE BUTLER, AGED 17 HOME: Johanne lives with dad, Keith, a draftsman, mum Valerie, a special needs teacher, and has a sister, Sarah. …