BARKER'S STARKERS; Jungle Star Strips off and Tells of Her Lust for a Married Man. (It's OK, He's Her Husband)

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JUNGLE lovely Linda Barker shows her wonderfully wild side - stripping naked with just a flirty feather boa draped round her neck.

And the telly star isn't simply sizzling for the camera - for she reveals that she has NEVER felt raunchier.

Linda, looking sensationally sexy at 41, says: "It's all down to my fantastic, passionate love life." But tough luck, guys, the sweetheart of I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here lusts after only one king of the jungle - Chris Short, the hunky hubby she calls "my perfect man".

Blonde Linda says: "I still fancy him like crazy, he's very sexy. We are very passionate.

"At 41 my hang-ups have gone and I feel happier in my skin. I feel empowered and liberated.

"I feel sexier than ever. Chris is getting the benefit of that and he's making the most of it, too." The Changing Rooms favourite also tells how her Celebrity stint in the Australian rainforest, watched by millions on ITV1, gave her the confidence to pose with just a boa for cover.

"My sexiness really came out in the jungle," says Linda. "I felt open, comfortable and natural. I knew I would feel OK make-up free and in the outdoors and I felt sexy there.

"I really enjoyed doing this shoot with just the feathers. I'm not shy, I'm proud of what I look like."

Linda, whose TV career is rocketing, has never spoken before about her life with TV boss Chris, her husband of 11 years.

But she tells The People: "We have a fantastic love life. We love each other very much and it still feels great being with him.

"Because of the hot weather we spend most evenings sitting in the garden until late, just talking before going to bed

"We have a very healthy and loving relationship. We are still very passionate although we both work very hard.

"No couple can sustain that raw passion that you feel at the beginning of a relationship yet for us it is still great."

Linda, a farmer's daughter from Shelf, near Halifax, West Yorks, was 19 when she met Chris at art college in Surrey. He was president of the students' union.

The star recalls: "We went out for a few months but I dumped him because I didn't want to be tied to one guy.

"I then went out with lots of other boyfriends. I suppose I wanted to experiment.

"Chris was devastated when we split because he says he knew I was the one. I broke his heart although I didn't know it at the time." Their romance was rekindled in a whirlwind - literally. Linda recalls: "It was the night of hurricanes in 1987 and we had gone out for dinner.

"We stayed in the restaurant until they kicked us out but didn't have anywhere to stay as we were both in shared digs. …