Bankers Institute of the Philippines: Information, Research, and Training Arm of the Banking Industry

Article excerpt

THE banking community relies on the dedication and collective efforts that banking associations have exemplified through their leaders and its many contributions to the sector.

For the past 62 years, the Bankers Institute of the Philippines (BAIPhil) has been one of such organizations in the industry that has remained consistent in fulfilling its responsibility to the sector by playing its role as the information, research, and training arm of the banking industry.

From a small organization of accountants and auditors, the BAIPhil has evolved into a prestigious and respected bankers association, counting among its 56 institutional members 300 key executives as associates and sustaining lifetime members who have been active in its series of notable projects and in parallel achievements. These accomplishments through the years include preparing the groundwork for the transitions of the banking industry in worldwide changes such as the shift from the manual check clearing to the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) system and the implementation of the electronic clearing system.

The BAIPhil has hosted three Pacific Rim summits which resulted in the exchange of technology and training programs with the other ASEAN nations. To address the important concerns and challenges that face the banking industry, the BAIPhil has advocated themes such as: partnership towards sustained economic growth, responsive banking in the new millennium, a return to trust banking, and redefining bank excellence in the 21st century. …