Breaking Down the Myths about a Career in the Army; YOUR FUTURE: Your Guide to Further & Higher Education and Training Opportunities

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WITH GCSE results now due, thousands of 16-year-olds are busy thinking about their future - with a mind blowing selection of choices to consider.

But how many have thought about pursuing a career with the Army - one of the largest employers in the UK?

If you think the Army is just about physical training and combat it's time to think again, according to Major Johnson, who is responsible for Army recruitment in the Midlands.

Major Johnson said: "We've been busy talking to dozens of teenagers waiting for their GCSE results at our Armed Forces Career Offices here in the West Midlands. They are amazed by the range of opportunities available to them.

"Basic 12 week training has to be completed by all Army personnel - but then you get to focus on your chosen career.

"Bricklayers, electricians, drivers, carpenters, nurses, doctors, veterinary technicians and musicians - these are just some of the careers available in the Army.

"For example, a bricklayer will have the same apprenticeship as a civilian but in the Army they could be doing anything from building bridges to blowing them up - and that could be anywhere in the world.

"If you can play any wind, percussion or string instrument you could be a full-time musician. Army musicians play a key part in the ceremonial occasions that keep the modern Army in touch with its past, and represent the public face of the Army at concerts and military parades."

The Army has plenty to offer academics too with the opportunity to become an Officer. The Army's Welbeck 6th Form Residential College in Nottinghamshire is committed to helping students achieve the very best A Level results and prepare them for higher education.

Major Johnson added: "The message I try to get across is the sheer variety of careers available in the Army - there is something for everyone."

You can find out about a career in the Army by visiting your local Armed Forces Careers Office at 46 Pallasades, Birmingham. It is open Monday to Friday 8. …