FOOTBALL: WORLD OF FOOTBALL; Italians Running Soap Series

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FED-UP Falkirk, robbed of promotion twice after earning it, could do worse than investigate a switch to Italy as an insurance policy against them getting an unwanted hat-trick.

Among the bizarre yo-yoing of teams between divisions is the dodgy promotion of Fiorentina whose bankruptcy saw them demoted all the way to Serie C2.

The fallen giants won the title last year but have been allowed to skip a league back up to Serie B as a replacement for Cosenza - forced to take the drop because they too are skint - "as a reward for sporting merit." Aye right!

The Italians are in such a muddle with teams being relegated then reinstated on all sorts of grounds that many in Serie B are threatening to boycott matches against the newly promoted sides. And there's little chance of the season kicking off next week.

A Tore state

TINY Siena won Serie B in style last season but they should sack their English scout if they hope to survive a tough slog in the top flight.

Bizarrely, they're planning to bid for Rangers and Sunderland flop Tore Andre Flo to help them survive.

Didn't know SpecSavers had sponsored the big Norwegian.

Knee bothered

FLO'S countryman Alf Inge Haland announced his retirement last week at 30 after failing to recover from his mauling by Roy Keane two years ago thta left him with a dodgy knee.

The Manchester City star did not blame the Irish hard man but said he had enjoyed a great career and was grateful for 10 virtually injury-free years. …