Who Wants to Study Entrepreneurship? We Do, Say Students as Profile Rises; Research Part of Evolving Process to Embed Subject in Welsh Colleges

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Byline: Sion Barry

ENTREPRENEURSHIP education is booming in Wales, according to new research.

These of the findings of a study commissioned by workplace training and education quango Elwa on behalf of its pounds 46m Knowledge Exploitation Fund which is being transferred to the Welsh Development Agency.

The research, conducted by experts at the University of Strathclyde's Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, demonstrates how far the teaching of entrepreneurship has progressed in the 18 months since the first study was commissioned.

It also highlights positive port developments in entrepreneurship education over that period, recommending the further lifting of its profile in the eyes of both students and academics.

It is now also being used as a benchmark for analysing the performance of entrepreneurship education in England and Scotland

Pat Jones, director of the KEF, said, 'The findings of this latest survey are very encouraging and underscore the positive impact entrepreneurship training is having through further and higher education Wales. However it is clear that we need to continue to do more.

'The survey is a snapshot of an evolving process to embed entrepreneurship throughout both further and higher education in Wales.

'It is important in that it identifies areas where further work is needed and also, significantly, in highlighting where we have experienced the greatest successes in boosting entrepreneurship in education'

Mrs Jones, who will remain at the helm of KEF when it transfers to the WDA, said significant achievements had been made in changing the perception of entrepreneurship. …