A Force to Be Reckoned with; Alfred Zack-Williams,professor Professor Alfred Zack-Williams Is Professor of Sociology at the University of Central Lancashire and Independent Member of the Merseyside Police Authority. This Is His Day

Article excerpt

6am: Alarm wakes me,dash to theshower,grab some cereal. 7am: Say goodbye to my wife and two sons, then head off to Lime Street station to catch the train to the university in Preston. This gives me a chance to look through paperwork and prepare for the day ahead.

8.30am:Train pulls into Preston,I call into my office to check my post and emails.

9am-11am:My first lecture and semi-nar is to third year students, which covers the sociology of race community and culture. We deal with a wide variety of community issues such as race and policing, theLawrence report and the reaction of the Merseyside and Lancashire forces.

11am-12.30pm:I try and set aside a couple of hours for tutorials with individuals. Students,from first year to PhD,can book a time slot for personal tutorial. Often we cover assignment or dissertation queries,applications for MPhil and PhD and we also talk through any personal issues they may have. For lunch I am lucky today to be having a quick sandwich at my desk!

12.45pm:Back on the train to Liverpool -today there is a full Merseyside Police Authority meeting at Mercury Court on Tithebarn Street.

2pm-4pm: Today's meeting covers a wide range of issues: from alley gating and community safety to police sickness and the Police Reform Act. The Police Authority's fundamental duty is to ensure that Merseyside is served by an efficient,effective police force. We have to make a lot of difficult decisions,including setting and managing the police budget and ensuring that the policing plan is adhered to. …