SOUNDCHECK; Success Fuels Ogie Alcasid

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Sound off:

On Billboards Hot 100: (1) Shake Ya Tailfeather Nelly, P. Diddy & Murphy Lee, (2) Right Thurr Chingy, (3) Crazy In Love Beyonce featuring Jay-Z, (4) Baby Boy Beyonce featuring Sean Paul, (5) Get Low Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz featuring Yin Yang Twins, (6) Into You Fabolous featuring Ashanti, (7) Frontin Pharrell featuring Jay-Z, (8) P.I.M.P. 50 Cent, (9) Where Is The Love Black Eyed Peas and (10) Unwell Matchbox Twenty.

Sound proof:

#1: Ogie Alcasid

Paul McCartney of The Beatles once said that success feeds on success; that is, the psychological effect of earlier successes motivate succeeding efforts to sustain or even exceed whats been set.

Such could be the reason behind Ogies remarkable performance (backto-back with Nyoy Volante) in last months Crossover Presents at the Mandarin Hotel.

Fresh from notching Aliw Awards Entertainer of the Year plum, Ogie was a sight to behold that night as he performed with the zest of a cell phone battery allowed to recharge overnight.

Unlike his performance last year in this 105.1 Crossover series, Ogie did not choose crutch songs. Tried and tested were stricken off the repertoire such as Lorrie and a medley of his hit songs. Instead, leftof-pop numbers were the order of the day like Hardcore Poetry, Getaway, Thats The Way of The World, etc.

True, these are tunes that probably made eyebrows shoot up especially if you came as a fan of Ogie, the S.O.P. guy.

But if you like Ogie, the artist, then you probably delighted over the respite as we did and reaffirmed your belief in the guys musical breadth.

As usual, Ogies ability to balance his two sides (funny guy-cum- serious balladeer) was upfront and (shall we say) personal. Ogie is a rapport master. Leave him 10 minutes onstage and he can win the most jaded audience over. His self-deprecating punch lines about his, say, height and hairstyle (he was sporting Mohawk that night) always manages to break down barriers that separate superstar from fans.

Thats why when Ogie walks onstage, everyone thinks, I like this guy because we see ourselves in him. When Ogie sings, we go, This guy knows what Im going through despite his stature.

And when Ogie says something, we know he is not mouthing a spiel he memorized hastily backstage. Ogie talks to us, not says things to us.

For all of his triumphs, Ogie still chooses to be like one of us, to be with us.

Only, at this stage in his career, Ogie has little else to prove.

Which is not to say that his star qualities can be easily dismissed. Hardly. That voicethat unmistakable vocal style that touches a common nerve in all of usthe self-assured performance leads to only one conclusion: Ogie, the a-1 entertainer, has arrived.

And, no doubt,here to stay.

(This Thursday, Sept. …