Applications Approved under Bank Holding Company Act

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By the Secretary of the Board

Recent applications have been approved by the Secretary of the Board as
listed below. Copies are available upon request to the Freedom of
Information Office, Office of the Secretary, Board of Governors of the
Federal Reserve System, Washington, D.C. 20551.

Section 3

Applicant(s)              Bank(s)                      Effective Date

One Rich Hill Mining,     F & M Bancorporation,        June 6, 2003
  L.L.C., Forth Worth,      Tulsa, Oklahoma
One Rich Hill Land Ltd.   The F & M Bank and Trust
  Partnership, Forth        Company, Tulsa, Oklahoma
  Worth, Texas

By Federal Reserve Banks

Recent applications have been approved by the Federal Reserve Banks as
listed below. Copies are available upon request to the Reserve Banks.

Section 3

Applicant(s)                 Bank(s)                    Reserve Bank

AIM Bancshares, Inc.,        The First National Bank    Dallas
  Levelland, Texas             of Littlefield,
                               Littlefield, Texas
Avest, Inc.,                 Grandview Bancshares,      Dallas
  Cleburne, Texas              Inc., Grandview, Texas
Afin, Ltd.,
  Cleburne, Texas
Business Bancshares, Inc.,   The Business Bank of St.   St. Louis
  Clayton, Missouri            Louis, Clayton,
CalWest Bancorp,             South County Bank, N.A.,   San Francisco
  Rancho Santa Margarita,      Rancho Santa
  California                   Margarita, California
Central Georgia Banking      State Bank of Cochran,     Atlanta
  Company, Cochran,            Cochran, Georgia
Centra Ventures, Inc.,       Falcon National Bank,      Minneapolis
  St. Cloud, Minnesota         Foley, Minnesota
Denison Bancshares, Inc.     Countryside Bank,          Kansas City
  of Holton, Holton,           Meriden, Kansas
East Penn Financial          East Penn Bank,            Philadelphia
  Corporation, Emmaus,         Emmaus, Pennsylvania
Eden Financial               Laguna Bancshares, Inc.,   Dallas
  Corporation, San Angelo,     Big Lake, Texas
  Texas                      Laguna Bancshares of
                               Delaware, Inc.,
                               Dover, Delaware
                             Big Lake Bank, National
                               Association, Big Lake,
Equity Bancshares, Inc.,     National Bank of           Kansas City
  Wichita, Kansas              Andover, Andover,
First Crockett Bancshares,   First National Bank of     Dallas
  Inc., Crockett, Texas        Crockett, Crockett,
Crockett Delaware
  Bancshares, Inc.,
  Wilmington, Delaware
Gemini Bancshares, Inc.,     Integrity Bank & Trust,    Kansas City
  Monument, Colorado           Monument, Colorado
Guaranty Federal             Guaranty Federal Savings   St. Louis
  Bancshares, Inc.,            Bank, Springfield,
  Springfield, Missouri        Missouri
Inwood Bancshares, Inc.,     WB&T Bancshares, Inc.,     Dallas
  Dallas, Texas                Duncanville, Texas
Inwood Delaware, Inc.,       WB&T Delaware, Inc.,
  Dover, Delaware              New Castle, Delaware
                             Western Bank and Trust,
                               Duncanville, Texas
JDOB, Inc.,                  First National Bank of     Minneapolis
  Sandstone, Minnesota         Hinckley, Hinckley,
Liberty Bancshares, Inc.,    First Federal Capital      Minneapolis
  St. Paul, Minnesota          Corporation, La
                               Crosse, Wisconsin
Liberty State Bank,          First Federal Capital
  St. Paul, Minnesota          Bank, La Crosse,
Mercantile Bancorp, Inc.,    New Frontier Bancshares,   St. …