Stop Gay Feud Says Archbishop of Wale

Article excerpt


THE new Archbishop of Wales yesterday stepped into the row over gay bishops.

The Most Rev Barry Morgan warned the Anglican Church it must end bitter in-fighting over the issue.

``We are in danger of making this sexual and relational issue, the only real issue that counts -almost the defining issue for who is and is not an Anglican or even a Christian,''he said.

``If we do that we are in danger of failing to take seriously both the central values of our gospel and the traditions of the Church.''

The 80m strong worldwide Anglican Church faces fundamental divisions after openly homosexual Gene Robinson was confirmed as a bishop in New Hampshire in the United States.

Gay priest Jeffrey John refused to take up the post of Bishop of Reading in Berkshire this year after an outcry.

But Mr Morgan told the Church in Wales governing body in Lampeter yesterday that it was time to calm the heated debate over same sex relations.

The former Bishop of Bangor, in his first presidential address as Archbishop, said the church had a great deal to learn about face to face conversation to settle disputes. ``No real communication or conversations have really taken place -just assertion and counter assertion of differing viewpoints,''he said. …