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THE success of Netmetix is based on consistently delivering top quality computer services to the business community.

Their growing team are all specialists in their chosen field, which gives customers the confidence they need in a complex marketplace.

Netmetix operate by understanding customer's circumstances now and their objectives for the future and thereby, recommending the best solution available from a wide portfolio of IT equipment, software and services.

The on-going support and training provided will ensure that clients get the best from their investment and that IT systems can develop to meet the changing demands of their organisations.

Netmetix services include:

Turnkey Computer Aided Design (CAD) solutions for the manufacturing and building design marketplaces. Integrated business communication solutions. Office software. Internet based business communications services

An extremely important decision for any company to make is "How do I protect my network?"

The best way of doing this is to implement a Firewall which will protect the network and more importantly, the data from the outside world and prevent malicious attacks or viruses. …