Tampa Students Get an Education in Conservation

Article excerpt

Tampa students are writing poems, creating artwork and performing skits to learn about the importance of water conservation.

More than 557,500 kindergarten through twelfth-grade students have participated in the Tampa Water Department's water conservation education program. The program started in 1994.

In-school education efforts fall under an umbrella called the Water Ambassador Program.

The program focuses on influencing elementary- and secondary-school students' attitudes toward long-term water conservation.

Water Conservation Theatre Arts Project (Grades K-5)

The Tampa Water Department (TWD) works with the Southwest Florida Water Management District, the Hillsborough County Water Department, the Arts Council of Hillsborough County and Hillsborough County Schools to sponsor live, professional theater productions in more than 100 Hillsborough County schools.

The water protection and conservation messages reach more than 70,000 elementary- and middle-school students every year.

Each participating classroom receives student activity books, a teacher's guide and pre- and post-performance assessments.

The shows also are taped and broadcast on City of Tampa Television.

Water Conservation Book Cover Project (Grade 5)

Book covers are produced each year, featuring water conservation art created by fifth-grade students. The project supplies book covers to sixth-grade public and private school students.

Water Conservation Calendar Project (Grades 5-8)

Each year, selected students' water conservation poetry and art are combined in a colorful wall calendar.

The project is approved by the Hillsborough County School Board as part of the elementary-school arts and middle-school language arts curricula.

The city produces 30,000 calendars, which ate distributed at participating schools, public libraries and other city buildings.

Water Conservation Poetry Project (Grades 6-8)

Through the Poetry Project, the original poetry of 12 middle-school students is published in the water conservation calendar.

Each poet also is videotaped reading his or her poem in the city's television studio and the readings are aired as public service announcements on City of Tampa Television. …