The Magic of Motivation: Inspiring Practice, Participation and Performance

Article excerpt

Motivating our students and ourselves is an ongoing, and sometimes exhausting, demand. Pedagogy Saturday VII devoted the entire day to exploring this topic, and with more than 520 participants, it was an energizing and inspirational event. This issue of American Music Teacher contains an invaluable summary by the many experts who shared their knowledge and experiences with us.

The day opened with our keynote speaker, Clifford Madsen, Madsen is a distinguished professor of music education at Florida State University and well-known author of numerous books, including Teaching/Discipline: A Positive Approach for Educational Development. He began the day with a lively discussion about what research has discovered about the magic of motivation. You can read a summary of his remarks in these Proceedings.

Following the opening address, we broke into four concurrent sessions presented by leaders in the fields of psychology, music education and independent music study:

* Developing Appropriate Motivational Techniques with Kim Dolgin

* Student Assessment and Feedback: I Taught It, But Did They Learn It? with Patricia Flowers

* Musical Expression Motivates: Integrating Technique and Musical Expression from the Start with Burton Kaplan

* Using Multi-Modal Techniques to Motivate Intuitive and Non-Intuitive Students with Alice Hammel

Each of these sessions was given twice, so participants could attend two.

Participants were asked to choose one of four topics for the lunch sessions. Each group met in a separate room, and had the first thirty minutes for talking and eating. …