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Planning blight

Q I HAVE bought a four-bedroom property and have applied to build a double garage on land to the front. The application is still with the local authority. However, after viewing the plans, immediate neighbours have written to inform me that I cannot build the garage. No explanation has been given.

The garage is to be sited next to an existing double garage. There would be no obstructions to any neighbours. What can I do?

A YOU do not say whether your proposed garage is caught up in planning or building regulations.

Either of these may prevent you from building right out to the boundary.

As far as planning regulations are concerned, it may well be that due to its size or location your proposed garagecan't go up to the boundary, while your neighbour's can.

There could be all sorts of complex reasons why building regulations might place a restriction on where you can bu i d your garage.

Planning officers and building control officers are usually very helpful and they will be able to advise you on the best solution. If that does not work, a qualified architect will be able to help.

In the end, the decision to grant consent is one for the local authority after considering all the circumstances, including any objections from your neighbours.

Keeping warm

Q I HAVE some radiators which do not seem to heat properly and have cold parts.

I have tried to remove air from them but this does not seem to make any difference. Is there anything that I can do to solve this problem?

A ENSURE that the heating is off when bleeding your radiator (trying to remove the air) so that the system is filling naturally with the

circulating pump off. If this doesn't help, and if there are cold patches in the lower parts of the radiator, the problem is most probably sludge. …