EOD in Afghanistan

Article excerpt

AN explosive ordnance disposal mission in Afghanistan ended April 15 when technicians destroyed two caches of ordnance in what has come to be called "Ammo Alley."

The mission was delayed more than a year, after three EOD technicians and a special forces soldier were killed in an April 15, 2002, explosion at the same site, 35 kilometers northwest of Kandahar Air Field.

"One of my good friends--SGT Jamie Mulligans--was killed there last year," said SSG Baylin Oswalt, a team leader with the 731st Ordnance Company from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. "This mission brought closure, being able to go out to where he was killed and destroy that cache."

Others who finished the mission recalled their fallen comrades.

"Everyone felt their loss. We're a very tight-knit community, so when someone dies in the line of duty, their name doesn't just go on a memorial. We all remember them, because we knew them from school or through friends," said team leader SSG Jeffrey Mclean of the 754th Ord. …