The Texas Oilman

Article excerpt

The Daily Mail expedition caught the attention of a flamboyant Texas oil millionaire named (strangely enough) Tom Slick. He was also influenced by a new book, On The Track of Unknown Animals, which laid out the foundations of what soon became known as cryptozoology. The next year, while traveling in and around Nepal, Slick interviewed various yeti witnesses, and soon decided to put his money behind a yeti expedition of his own.

Meanwhile, an Irish/Australian big-game hunter named Byrne was in the mountains searching for the yeti himself when he happened to meet Tenzing Norgay. They had tea together, and Norgay told Byre about the American oil tycoon's interest in the yeti. Byrne contacted Slick, and they spent several months trying to organize a small, commando-like team to find the elusive monster. When their plans gained international attention the Nepalese government refused to allow the expedition to continue unless the team found a responsible organization to back them. Eventually the highly respected San Antonio Zoo (based in Slick's hometown, where his huge fortune had colossal influence) agreed to participate in the yeti-hunt. …