Big and Small Hopes

Article excerpt

(Editors note: Candidates, big and small, aspire for the Democratic Party presidential nomination in July 2004, after RPs presidential election in May.)

COLUMBUS, Ohio Theres an interesting development in the Democratic Party presidential derby. The last to join the primary is Gen. Wesley Clark, four-star general and former commander of NATO forces.

Rating a general

This week, all the polls in the US (Gallup and other professional pollsters) rate Clark at the top followed by veteran politicians Lieberman, Kerry, Dean, Gephardt and two unknown aspirants.

But in Ohio state home state of my mother-in-law US Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich, who opposed sending troops to Iraq, officially kicked off his Democratic campaign for president October 13 proclaiming, Miracles occur.

Ohio and Virginia

All the surveys give him two percent. But wait! Analysts here say Ohio state (No. 7 in population, 11.4 M) sent to the White House seven presidents Grant (the Civil War hero), Hayes, Garfield, Harrison, McKinley, Taft and Harding.

Kucinich wants to be No. 8 and thus break Virginia states solid claim it has a long-standing record of producing eight presidents Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, W.H. Harrison, Tyler, Taylor and Woodrow Wilson, the Democratic president who gave RP the Jones Law in 1916, as prelude to independence.

McKinley and RP

Ohio has a huge statue of President William McKinley at the capitol in Columbus. (He was governor of Ohio before his election as president in November 1896.)

After Commodore Dewey destroyed the Spanish fleet on Manila Bay, McKinley decided to acquire Filipinas from Spain. First, he ordered the military governors (Meritt, Otis and MacArthur) to administer the occupation government.

In 1900, McKinley appointed his kababayan, federal judge William Howard Taft, head of the Philippine Commission. Taft was made civil governor (governor-general) a position he held in Manila until his appointment in 1904 as Secretary of War by President Theodore Roosevelt. …