Prince Charles Is One of the Most Genetically Modified Organisms on the Planet - PROF ROBERT WINSTON

Article excerpt


TV scientist Robert Winston yesterday launched a scathing attack on Prince Charles over his campaign against GM food.

In a thinly veiled dig at the Prince's blue-blooded lineage Professor Winston said: "I suppose it is probably fair to say that Prince Charles is one of the most genetically modified organisms on the planet."

The presenter ridiculed the Prince's stand against GM crops by beaming two photographs of Charles onto a giant screen during a talk to 800 people. One showed him drinking tea. In the other he was receiving a carnation at Chelsea Flower Show.

Prof Winston, 63, said: "Prince Charles, who is a highly intelligent and charming individual, has conducted a campaign from a feeling almost of revulsion for GM.

"Yet there he is drinking Assam tea, which is highly genetically modified, and at a flower show receiving a carnation - one of the most genetically modified of flowers."

But Prof Winston, whose new series The Human Mind was launched on BBC1 last night, praised Charles's sister Princess Anne, for her help with relief work in the Third World.

He said she had seen the problems of starvation there at first hand.

And the celebrity scientist accused people who shared the Prince's views of standing in the way of a possible solution to Third World starvation.

He said: "A third of the population has not eaten a proper meal today, yesterday or the day before. …