Adolf the Nazi Dog Does Heil Hitler for Tourists

Article excerpt

Byline: ALLAN HALL in Berlin

ADOLF the Nazi-saluting mongrel has become a hit with Japanese tourists visiting Berlin.

His master was due to go on trial yesterday for teaching him to make the banned Heil Hitler! greeting with his right paw.

But the publicity means tourists have beaten a path to his door.

Roland Thein, 54, a wealthy wine dealer, staged 30 impromptu photo sessions with Adolf for the Japanese tourists.

The dog's party trick may have made them laugh but it has scandalised Germany.

He said: "I don't mind foreigners who behave themselves,"

But added, ominously: "Those who come here to cause trouble deserve a shower," - a reference to the Nazi extermination camps.

Thein faces up to three years behind bars for breaches of laws forbidding any public displays relating to the Nazi regime.

He was arrested last year after yelling "Heil Hitler! …