More Reader-Friendly Books on History, Art, Culture Urged

Article excerpt

PILA, Laguna Citing the distressing trend showing the declining interest of the public in reading, opposition Sen. Teresa Aquino Oreta called recently for stronger government-private sector partnerships in printing more reader-friendly, easy to understand books on history, art, and culture that would grab the attention of the public, most especially the youth, and promote the multi-cultural concept of unity in diversity as an indispensable element in attaining genuine and lasting peace.

Oreta issued the call during the recent celebration of the 428th Foundation Day of this town and the launching of the history book Treasures of Pila, a project by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and the Pila Historical Society Foundation Inc. (PHSFI), which she has supported through a grant to the institution from her Congressional Initiative Fund (CIF).

Book projects like the Pila excavation chronicles, said Oreta, could be among the initiatives, her fellow convenors at the Save Our Schools (SOS) multi-sectoral advocacy network could support, to help expand our students knowledge of Philippine history and culture.

According to the senator, the book ,conceptualized when Dr. Jaime Laya was NCCA chairman, is a collection of easy-to-read, easy-to-understand articles about the excavations in Pila in the 1960s that put the town on the archeological map. Oreta said that while leafing through its pages, she found the book to be exciting and readable as it was informative, the way books on history and culture should be meant to be to attract the interest of a public now accustomed to high-speech lifestyles and the presence of mass communications technology. …