United Nations Week

Article excerpt

AT the initiative of the American Committee for the United Nations, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly adopted in 1956 a resolution declaring October 20-26 as United Nations Week.

The aim of this resolution is to disseminate the idea that the success of the United Nations in building world peace depends on all member-nations understanding and support, know how it works, and what it is doing. Helping the United Nations help its member-states will contribute to a peaceful future.

The Philippines was one of the original 51 nations that organized the United Nations. The UN Charter was signed by these 51 states on October 24, 1945. Thus, the center of United Nations Week celebration is October 24, United Nations Day.

The United Nations General Assembly officially declared in 1947 that October 24 be called United Nations Day to make known to the people of the world the aims and achievements of the United Nations, and to gaining their support for the work of the United Nations. …