RACISM IN THE POLICE FORCE: Moves to Weed out Race-Hate Recruits

Article excerpt

NORTH Wales Police will be examining their recruiting process as well as discussing aspects of training at the Bruche centre, near Warrington.

Most of the abusive remarks made by PC Rob Pulling and others during the TV programme were made while the probationers were training at Bruche.

The site is run by Centrex, the trademark for the Central Police Training and Development Authority.

Its web site states: ``Centrex helps develop well-rounded, motivated knowledgeable Police Constables in ever-increasing numbers''.

More than 8,000 officers pass through the centre each year.

But North Wales Acting Deputy Chief Constable Clive Wolfendale said yesterday: ``There are aspects of the training which we shall be raising with them.''

He said he had trained at Bruche and had found it ``a fairly tough regime'',particularly in terms of socialising.

North Wales Police Authority chairman, Malcolm King, said one positive message to come out of Tuesday's programme was that the recruits recognised their racist comments would be condemned by their superior officers. …