Come on Down.; Roadtest: Kia Sedona LE - the Price Is Right as Kia's Philosophy of Tagging Their Cars to Sell Makes the New Sedona One of the Best Buys around, Reckons BILL CAVEN

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YOU don't exactly need a Yooni education to understand the Kia sales philosophy.

Stacking 'em high and pricing 'em right has worked miracles for the Korean car manufacturer.

Sales soared last month to record levels as the Kia bubble showed no signs of bursting.

And the range is performing buoyantly right across the board.

The Rio remains the bestseller, edging ahead of the Sedona people carrier and mid-sized MPV, the Carens.

But all that could change with the arrival of a new special edition Sedona.

Already the second-bestselling MPV in Britain, it could just be the one to secure the top slot, Kia believe .

The newcomer retains the exceptional value-for-money attributes of its stablemates, despite being very generously equipped with goodies.

Distinguished externally by alloy wheels, privacy glass and rear spoiler, the car comes with a choice of two paint jobs bold black or silver.

You don't have to be a celebrity to enjoy the benefits of the factory-fit privacy glass as it definitely reduces glare from the sun.

Not that this is a major problem these days north of the Border, you understand.

Still, it can be good sport watching pedestrians trying to peer inside to see whether there is anyone of note being transported around.

The darkened glass at the side and rear also help make valuables in the car less visible from the outside, although the Sedona is fitted with a category 1 immobiliser and alarm for peace of mind.

For the first time, Kia areoffering their T-Pack, which is guaranteed to turn every journey into an adventure.

The T-Pack offers the latest in in-car entertainment for the passengers, with a DVD player and seven-inch screen that is viewed in comfort from both the second and third row of seats. The system also ensures the driver can get peace to concentrate on driving rather than answering the inevitable questions fromthe back. …