DENR Goes after Restaurants Serving Local Endangered Species as Pulutan

Article excerpt

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has issued a strong warning yesterday against restaurants and establishments all over the coutry that serve wildlife species as delicacies or pulutan.

DENR Sec. Elisea Gozun issued the warning following the recovery of 514 protected animals in Metro Manila petshops and public markets, believed to be sold to restaurants serving endangered species to their customers.

Most of the species recovered were snakes, turtles, birds, and a number of monitor lizards, commonly called Bayawak, whose meat is believed to have sure-fire aphrodisiac properties when eaten while drinking liquor.

In a memorandum, the DENR chief gave all regional executive directors (REDS) one month to update her on their compliance in conducting an aggressive information drive on restaurants owners in their regions while warning them on possible liability for violation of specific laws and regulations enforced by the department to protect the countrys 584 wildlife species.

Complaints reaching my office indicate that serving of wildlife species as pulutan, or delicacies in restaurants is all over the country has become a common thing. Yet, many people are not aware that 418 or 72 percent of the 584 Philippine wildlife species of both animals and plants are threatened with extinction, she said while stressing the the urgency for DENR field officers to be more proactive in informing all restaurants and individuals within their respective jurisdictions. …