'Mano Po 2:' Authentic Chinese Wedding in Shanghai

Article excerpt

One of the highlights of the Filipino-Chinese family drama Mano Po 2 is the wedding of Christopher de Leon and Zsa Zsa Padilla set in Shanghai, China. Painstaking research and preparation were done by the staff of MP2 led by director Erik Matti and production designer Rodel Cruz to come up with a truly authentic Chinese wedding, from the wardrobe of the bride and groom and party to the food served on the table to the gifts for the couple, to the accompanying rites and festivities.

Red in its varying shades, gold, green, orange, yellow were the colors of the wedding day, using scores of extras for the wedding scene and the outdoor location which followed, capturing temples, parks, and streets of old Shanghai in all its grandeur.

In the story, Antonio Chui (De Leon) returns to Shanghai to visit his parents, who virtually forced him to marry a sweetheart from way back, Lu-Shui (Padilla). …