It's Your Shout!: Should the Butler Spill the Beans?; Where Teenagers Set the Agenda

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FORMER royal butler Paul Burrell has been hitting the headlines this week with his revelations about Diana, Princess of Wales - and sharply dividing opinion in the process. RICHARD PEARCE asked A-level students at Tile Hill Wood girls school and The Woodlands boys school in Coventry, what they felt about Burrell's spilling of the royal beans.


HOME: Johanne lives with dad Keith, a draftsman, mum Valerie, a special needs teacher, and has a sister, Sarah.

EXAMS: Studying A-level English, French, History.

AMBITIONS/CAREER CHOICE: Study English at university, possibly work in media or law.

INTERESTS: Cinema, spending time with friends, reading.

JOHANNE'S VERDICT: I think it's completely wrong what he's doing. I think he's right to reveal what he knows, but he's doing it for his own benefit. I think he should have revealed this when it happened. William and Harry are upset about it and I think they're right. It seems to me that Paul Burrell is using his position to get money for himself.


HOME: Matthew lives with dad, Gerald, a management accountant, mum Marilyn, a sales assistant, and has a brother, Mark and sister, Marie.

EXAMS: Studying A-level Biology, Geography, History, European Studies.

AMBITIONS/CAREER CHOICE: Teacher, vet, environmental scientist.

INTERESTS: Cinema, swimming, tennis, going places.

MATTHEW'S VERDICT: It doesn't really interest, me. I've been doing other work and I'm not that bothered about the Royal Family. I would say my friends are not interested at all. It doesn't really affect us. The Royal Family are all right for tourism, but I don't think they do anything. They've got a title and that's it.


HOME: Rebecca lives with dad, Garry, a managing director, mum Angela, a kitchen assistant, and has two brothers, Ashley and Tony.

EXAMS: Studying A-level Sociology, Psychology, History, Spanish AS.

AMBITIONS/CAREER CHOICE: Primary school teacher.

INTERESTS: Going out with mates, TV, internet.

REBECCA'S VERDICT: I haven't really been following the story. …