EU Funds Teacher to Say: Its OK to Be Gay

Article excerpt

A GAY British teacher has been given a [pounds sterling]50,000 EU grant to run a project to combat 'homophobia and heterosexism' in schools, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Tim Bedford, who runs the Brussels-backed Gay and Lesbian Educational Equity (GLEE) Project, says antigay prejudice in Britain is as bad as 'racist white supremacists' who regard blacks as an inferior race.

But Shadow Foreign Secretary Francis Maude last night condemned GLEE as 'extremist and ridiculous' and demanded an investigation to find out how it got EU money.

He claimed its aims could be in breach of UK laws designed to protect children. 'This shows how out of control EU spending is,' he added.

Mr Bedford, 40, left the UK partly because of the hostility towards homosexuals and says he will never return because of the 'ignorant' Section 28 law which bans the promotion of homosexuality in schools.

He lives with a male partner in Finland, where he set up the GLEE project after winning support from the European Union.

Teachers from across Europe, including Britain, attended the project's first conference in August at Oulu University, Finland, where Mr Bedford is a lecturer. …