Facials for Men and Stress Management in New Age Boots

Article excerpt


BOOTS is to undergo a New Age-style transformation in a bid to fight off fierce competition in the High Street.

Stress management, meditation and homeopathy will be offered to customers as the company - which started out selling herbal cures - returns to its roots and embraces the so-called 'whole life' approach to health and appearance.

The store chain's executives have unveiled an expansion plan that will involve setting up fitness centres, establishing a nationwide dentistry service and providing in-store facials for men.

The company faces increasing competition from supermarkets and smaller rivals, which are undercutting it on many items.

Its change in direction comes as it tries to convince the City that it can continue to deliver big profits at a time when many traditional High Street names are on the rack.

Diversification by Boots, which employs more than 85,000 staff, will see the creation of another 1,500 jobs over the next 12 months.

Two thirds of these will be come through the expansion of its dental practices after a successful one-year trial in the Home Counties. …