Empty Words in Dome 'Rave Review' Adverts

Article excerpt


DOME organisers were under fire last night over a multimillion-pound bid to boost its plummeting number of visitors.

They admitted that a nation-wide TV and newspaper advertising campaign quoting apparently glowing reactions to the [pounds sterling]758 million project is somewhat economical with the truth.

The New Millennium Experience Company has placed large advertisements in national newspapers, including one today on Page 73 of The Mail on Sunday, reproducing media comments made in previews before it opened to the public.

It quotes The Daily Telegraph, for instance, as describing it as a 'Dome full of fun'. The description was, however, part of a longer headline, used on December 20, which read: 'Trite, glitch-ridden, but a Dome full of fun.'

The Sun is quoted as describing the Dome on December 15 - two weeks before the disaster-hit Millennium Night opening - as 'one of the wonders of the world'. …