Prison for Drunken Cyclist Who Hit Nurse

Article excerpt


A STUDENT nurse may never work again after a drunken cyclist smashed into her, a court heard yesterday.

Jane Nicholls, 33, suffered a fractured skull and brain damage when she was knocked down by Darren Ingham in a pedestrianised shopping area.

She now has limited attention span, her memory and speech have been affected and - because of damaged nerves - she cannot drive a car or ride a bicycle.

Yesterday at Manchester Crown Court, Ingham was jailed for nine months under a little-used law.

The 31-year-old, who had drunk more than a litre of fortified wine before the accident, admitted causing her bodily harm through wanton or furious driving while having charge of a pedal cycle.

Judge Brian Lewis told Ingham that his victim, who five days before the accident had sat her final nursing examinations, may never work again.

'She is in no condition to be helping people on the wards of hospitals,' he said. 'The public would be outraged if this was not met by a sentence of immediate imprisonment.' The court heard how Ingham was seen racing down Market Street in Manchester at about 20mph.

Pedestrian Darren Surtees said he had to jump out of the way to avoid a collision and then watched as Ingham almost hit two other people before smashing into Miss Nicholls, who was looking in a shop window. …