Charles Beefs Up Farmers' Campaign

Article excerpt


PRINCE CHARLES will speak up for beleaguered beef farmers today.

He will launch a 'buy Welsh beef' campaign aimed at overcoming the impact of the BSE scare and European export bans.

His backing for the Welsh Beef Promotion Campaign at its launch in Newport, Gwent, and a speech certain to attract wide attention, are designed to help hard-pressed farmers by easing the continuing fears of consumers.

Many are steering clear of beef amid growing public confusion over food safety that has intensified during the row involving genetically-modified 'Frankenstein foods'. The Government's continuing ban on beef on the bone is seen as adding to shoppers' reluctance to buy beef, even though the chance of any human contracting BSE from such meat is agreed to be many millions to one against.

Charles is understood to have made a number of visits to Welsh farms over the last six months, meeting farmers who have been impoverished by the collapse in beef sales. He has also made personal donations to farm charities to ease the plight of the worst-hit farm families. …