The Genius Aged Three; Errol Has an IQ of 150, a Photographic Memory and Counts in Swahili

Article excerpt

HE already has a photographic memory, can count to ten in five languages including Swahili - and has an IQ of 150.

Now Errol Kerr's parents are a little worried about whether they can keep up with their three-year-old son's remarkable talents.

He already corrects them if they stumble over his bedtime stories.

Their eldest son was only a year old when Alison and Stephen Kerr realised that he was unusually gifted.

'When he was about 12 months I used to put Disney videos in the recorder for him, but he would shout out what they were before they came on the TV,' said his mother. 'I tried to do it without showing him the cover, but he still knew what it was.

'It was then I realised he was recognising the serial number which flashes up on the TV before the trailers start - I couldn't believe it.' But they started to worry when he appeared not to be interacting with children of his own age.

Fearing he was autistic they took him to a psychiatrist. Tests revealed that not only was he perfectly normal, but that he had an IQ level in reading and comprehension of a child nearly twice his age.

Mrs Kerr, 33, said: 'He started to read really quickly and would pick up on everything he heard or saw.

'Before long he was memorising huge passages of books, counting up to thousands and speaking in foreign languages which he's picked up from the TV.

'Before he was two he could name every make of car on the road. He would say "There's a Nissan", or "There's a Volvo". When he was two I bought him a set of recognition cards with pictures and words which were designed for a seven year old. …