Sounds like the Spot for a Luxury Break; Modest Hotel Is Synonymous with Five-Star Neighbour

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THEY are only a mile apart but are in different leagues when it comes to the cost of accommodation.

Whereas the famous Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire charges around [pounds sterling]140 a night, its modest neighbour charges [pounds sterling]35.

But now there is a definite similarity between them. For the Queen's Hotel in Auchterarder has changed its name to the Beneagles.

The similar sounding name is in part a homage and an attempt to cash in on Gleneagles's decision to open up its golf courses to the public for the first time in a decade.

Enterprising hotelier Ian Hogg decided on the cheeky move expecting an influx of golfers who want to play Gleneagles but cannot quite stretch to the upmarket hotel's prices.

The new open door golf policy at Gleneagles, which begins today, could double the income that owners Dia-geo make from its courses.

Mr Hogg's hotel was formerly known as the Queen's and was recently awarded a 'recommended' grade by the Scottish Tourist Board He said: 'We are not trying to compete with Gleneagles.' Everyone knows Gleneagles Hotel is a world beater, but there's room for two nice hotels in Auchterarder.

'We are expecting our busiest year so far; the town will be crowded with people wanting to play golf at Gleneagles. …