SICK 'RESEARCH' LEADS TO PROBATION Internet Ban on Student of Porn Traced by FBI

Article excerpt


A SCOTS student who downloaded child pornography from the Internet was trapped in an FBI operation.

Keith Grant called himself 'Coco the Clown' to obtain perverted and degrading pictures of children which he planned to sell on the worldwide web.

But FBI agents investigating a paedophile ring on the Internet traced the movement of the pictures to a computer at Abertay University, Dundee.

They tipped off Interpol which informed Tayside Police - whose inquiries led them to Grant who was preparing a thesis on crime on the Internet as part of his degree.

At Dundee Sheriff Court yesterday, Grant, 23, was put on probation for three years and banned from using the Internet.

Sheriff James Scott also banned him from living or working with children and ordered him to attend a sex offenders' project for counselling.

The court had heard that police who raided Grant's home in Peddie Street, Dundee, found two computer discs containing indecent photographs of children.

Grant had stolen a classmate's computer password, but it soon became obvious to police that she was not skilled enough on Internet technology to access the explicit material.

The accused, who admitted possessing Internet child pornography, was thrown out of university before he could graduate.

Outside the court yesterday he insisted he would never have become involved in child pornography had he not been writing his thesis - entitled An Application of Scots Law Principle to Internet Abuses. …