We're the True One Nation Party Says Reformer Hague

Article excerpt


WILLIAM Hague will today seek to rebrand his party by resurrecting the tradition of 'One Nation Conservatism'.

In a speech that will be seen as an attempt to distance his party from its Thatcherite legacy, he will plant his standard firmly in the middle ground of British politics, declaring: 'We will be a One Nation Party that is tolerant and generous, concerned with condition of people from all parts of society.'

The speech will be the highlight of today's Conservative Central Council meeting in Harrogate, at which the party will announce the results of the ballot on Mr Hague's 'Fresh Future' plans for internal reform.

By a huge margin, the party will endorse a one-member, one-vote system for leadership contests and a new structure giving ordinary members much greater say in policymaking.

In his address, Mr Hague will insist that the Tories, rather than Tony Blair's New Labour, are the true guardians of the One Nation tradition. …