Swinburn's Call for Help; RACEMAIL EXCLUSIVE

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WALTER SWINBURN has urged for jockeys to have a doctor they can consult over health and dietary matters.

The Jockey Club's medical advisor, Dr Michael Turner, has advise stewards.

It is not his role to be the jockeys' General Practitioner, and there is growing concern among riders over the handling of those who have had health scares, such as Brian Harding (concussion), Jonothan Lower (diabetes) and Swinburn himself, and the effect on their careers.

It is the Jockey Club's policy that riders find a specialist when they are injured. Through this the racing fraternity has built up superb network of doctors and surgeons throughout the country, but jockeys feel the time is right for someone who knows Jockey Club regulations to oversee their problems and give advice on their behalf.

Swinburn, who rides Consort in today's Lincoln, believes the jockeys should have a doctor in regular contact with them who understands their particular problems, much as a football club enlists the help of a doctor for their squad.

It was Swinburn's increase in weight after his initial comeback that forced him to take a year's sabbatical from the saddle and turn for advice to former Jockey Club chief medical officer, Dr Rodney O'Donnell, who now works as medical advisor at the Nirvana Health Club in Woking. …