Lennox: I've Seen Fear in His Eyes; BOXING SPECIAL

Article excerpt


THE World Heavyweight War of the Dreadlocks, Lennox Lewis believes he has already imposed his giant presence on Shannon Briggs.

Tonight, he intends to be quick about translating intimidation into the termination of yet another American challenge upon his claim to be the pre-eminent fighting man on earth.

'This will not go the distance,' predicts Britain's WBC shareholder in sport's richest title.

Last weekend, when the heavyweight circus arrived in this town of sea and sin, Lewis was talking merely about winning, not necessarily by knockout. But once he had come face-to-face with Briggs, for the benefit of the cameras, he raised the bar of his expectation.

Their encounter reminded Lewis of his pre-fight meeting with Andrew Golota, the Polish palooka he dispatched to the hospital before the end of round one here last October.

'Again, I've seen fear in a man's eyes,' says Lewis.

'Briggs made a remark I didn't like about how I'm supposed to think I am superior because of my English accent. I turned to challenge him and he backed up, saying "OK, OK, I feel you".

'What he felt was my presence. He knows. This may not be as quick as Golota but he won't last.' Lewis, at 33 without much punishment, 6ft 5in without socks and 17st 5lb without an ounce of surplus, is coming into his prime.

It will be a pity if the politics of the prize-ring keep him waiting much longer for Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson.

For the moment, he is ready to take care of a native New Yorker who punches as fast as he talks, so would be a genuine threat to any heavyweight outside the big three. …