The Unsung Hero Whose Reputation Lay Buried in the Past; 'MISSING LINK' PIONEER UNEARTHED FOR EXHIBITION

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HE was honoured world wide as a pioneer who helped found the theory of evolution. But fossil hunter Robert Broom is little known in Scotland, where he was born and educated.

Now the man credited with discovering the skull of the 'missing link' between humans and apes is to get the recognition he deserves in his homeland.

A major exhibition charting the evolution of mankind over millions of years will pay tribute to the Scot who devoted his life to unearthing the development of humans from prehistoric times.

Some of the oldest fossil remains of our ancient ancestors are to be displayed at the Edinburgh event - the majority of them excavated by Paisley-born Broom.

Most of his finds were made in South Africa at the turn of the century, where he emigrated following his graduation from Glasgow University.

Mark Collard, curator of archaeology with Edinburgh City Council which is staging the Missing Links exhibition, said: 'Robert Broom inspired a whole new generation to continue the hunt for man's predecessors.

'He is now largely forgotten in his native Scotland, but he was a fascinating and colourful character who made a great contribution to the search for human origins. …