Fumes Scare Revives Arms Dump Demand

Article excerpt


MYSTERIOUS fumes have caused a new health scare on a Scottish island, a year after a similar incident brought calls for a survey of chemical weapons dumps.

A woman and two children were forced to leave the Isle of Barra Hotel near Tangudale Beach on the Isle of Barra because of the fumes.

She complained of nausea and slight blistering to the face - similar symptoms suffered by others last year. The hotel's owners called coastguards after complaints of an ammonia smell from the beach.

Western Isles Council has cordoned off the area while investigations are carried out - but so far the source of the fumes has not been identified.

Islanders suspect it may come from chemical weapons dumped offshore more than 50 years ago.

About 24 ships, containing 145,000 tons of deadly cargo, were secretly scuttled in five locations around Britain between 1945 and 1957. One dump, containing mustard gas, is 50 miles off the Hebrides and another is 100 miles west of the island chain. …