Cancer Woman Sues Doctor for [Pounds Sterling]100,000

Article excerpt


A WOMAN has lodged a [pounds sterling]100,000 legal action claiming a top consultant failed to diagnose her cancer when he should have.

Janet Black, 47, said her life is now a 'living nightmare' as a result.

She claims the Falkirk and District Royal Infirmary NHS Trust trust and the consultant were negligent in failing to detect she had bone cancer.

Mrs Black said that in early 1994 the doctor diagnosed osteoporosis, which she insisted she didn't have. She maintains that he should have ordered a bone scan and other tests to confirm his diagnosis.

By Christmas 1994, Mrs Black found she had lost two stone and struggled to walk even a few yards without pain.

Her GP sent her back to the consultant. Three months later, another doctor, standing in for the consultant, ordered an immediate bone scan.

It revealed the grandmother's worst fears - she had cancer which had spread through her ribs, spine, pelvis and neck. …