Treat Job Hunting as Daily Work

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Byline: Lane Workforce Partnership For The Register-Guard

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is one in a series of articles about job hunting.

You're suddenly unemployed. Welcome to your new career: finding a job.

Maintaining enthusiasm and an optimistic attitude are critical in today's job market. You must approach job hunting as "work."

As with any job, it is important to find a comfortable work space.

A quiet spot without distractions is key. Do you have a den or office at home? Or perhaps you can create an area that states "I am now at work."

If space at home is scant and distractions are many, you can find a comfortable space at The Workforce Network centers at 2510 Oakmont Way, Eugene, or on the Lane Community College campus, Building 19.

The centers offer free use of computers, fax machines, copiers and even a kitchen where you can grab a cup of coffee or refrigerate your sack lunch. The services and space are free, and knowledgeable advisors are on hand.

Design realistic and reachable goals that you can commit to each day, and set a certain number of hours a week that you will devote to your job search.

Your goals should include the number of calls you will make each day, how many resumes you will send out and a realistic number of contacts to be scheduled each week.

Discipline yourself to report to your "office" at a set time daily and work diligently. Meeting your daily goal will help you stay motivated.

As you begin your job search, review your resume for accuracy. Check dates of employment, previous employer addresses and your current telephone number.

Also, how long has it been since you last sat in front of an interviewer? …