Jewish Ethics, Morality Guide a Life

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Byline: From Heart to Heart By Irwin Noparstak For The Register-Guard

I believe we come into our lifetimes to learn lessons.

They are not always pleasant ones. We may be here to experience being loved or being rejected, being nurturing or being cruel, having friendship or being isolated, being rich or being poverty-stricken.

They are all lessons to advance us on some path which in the end brings us back to the Light, to the All.

And yet I am Jewish.

Although I was born into an observant Jewish home, and am part of the wonderful Temple Beth Israel community, I didn't discover my spirituality through Judaism.

I get so much from Judaism, but not my basic beliefs.

I feel older than Judaism. I believe I am basically Light, and that I have always existed.

I believe I have been in the human form many times, and that each lifetime is for learning. Each lifetime has its purposes; sometimes we know them and sometimes not.

For me this seems to be a lifetime of love and healing, and of mending relationships.

I don't really know.

But I do know that on the most basic level, everything is OK and I will move on. When I remember this ... that everything is OK, I find myself entering a state of acceptance and peace. I believe that homo sapiens is a doomed species.

We are an experiment in the unfortunate combination of sublime love and deadly violence; I am afraid the latter will win out and we will destroy ourselves. That is sad, tragic, unbelievable, but on the deepest level, I believe it is OK.

So why am I Jewish?

I was born Jewish, and can't exactly shake it, but aside from that, why be Jewish when my beliefs are other? …